Engagement of staff result of corporate responsibility, says surveyFirms that show strong corporate responsibility are encouraging more confident workers, according to a survey.

Kenexa Research, which specialises in investigating team dynamics in the workplace, found that 50 per cent of staff at US businesses claimed to be working for responsible companies.

Significantly, it is thought that organisations that portray such an image to their workforce could be positively influencing both employee engagement and future business outcomes.

Indeed, according to the investigators, workers are also more likely to stay with a company and show pride in their employer, which could make corporate retention targets easier to achieve.

Anne Herman, a research consultant with Kenexa, indicated that the potential advantages for profit margins with more "customer-orientated" staff at the disposal of firms displaying these qualities.

She added that such organisations were found to outperform rivals that were not equipped with the same plus points on "financial metrics such as diluted earnings per share".

By Colette Paxton