Credit: @shotbygoldcut

An artist who wanted to make his CV stand out from the crowd decided to posts his in the form a mini-figure that resembles his own likeness.

Andy Morris, 34, from Cardiff, spent two months sourcing each of the right Lego parts to make the character look as much like him as possible.

The figure comes complete with a laptop in one hand, a miniature printed CV and a flat cap and has been posted to potential employers in a box urging them to ‘unwrap your newest employee’.

Credit: @shotbygoldcut

The recent design graduate from the University of South Wales hopes that this novel approach to his CV will land him an opportunity with a firm mirroring his creative ambition.

He said:

Everything in life should be fun, even applying for jobs, and while traditional CVs are great for conveying past accomplishments they’re limited on what personality, creativity and innovation you can inject into them. Along comes my figure, hopefully demonstrating the above, plus, who doesn’t want to receive some LEGO through the post… and hire the person taking such a novel approach!

Andy Morris, who previously from the world of finance, has swapped paperwork and multi-million-pound accounts for the creative life.

He hopes his non-traditional approach will help to set him apart from his contemporaries, as someone with a wide variety of experience, but will also give potential employers all the information they need to consider him for an interview.
He said he wanted to find a way to stand out from the crowd in a fiercely competitive jobs market.

“Applying for jobs is a boring process that involves mountains of paperwork.

“It’s not only tedious for the applicant, who must fill out each and every sheet while ensuring that everything looks aesthetically appealing, but can also bore the employer, who must sort through each applicant and their paperwork.

“I mainly wanted to do something that would make me stand out”.