Image credit: Håkan Dahlström

Image credit: Håkan Dahlström

Every member of Ikea staff will be given a £1,200 bonus this Christmas if they have worked there for five years or longer.

The Swedish furniture company revealed it will be putting this loyalty bonus into the pension pots of staff who have worked there for a decent amount of time.

Nationally, workers will receive a share of a €108m pot as part of the company loyalty scheme.

The scheme is called ‘Thanks!’ and aims to show gratitude to its employees. The money will be added to worker’s pensions.

Part-time staff will be covered as well, and will be given bonuses which match the amount of hours they have worked.

 Ikea’s HR manager Karin Bergman told The Local:

“We want to be an amazing place to work, where people are happy, thrive and want to stay.

“We know that our colleagues primarily want to work for us because we are a values-based company with a focus on development.”

Ikea was also the first national retailer to pay staff the living wage and the company also pays its London employees the London Living Wage.

However, the bonus still falls short of the John Lewis Partnership scheme, which handed its employees an average payment of £1,585 each from a pot of £145 million.