HRreview, the award winning business magazine, has announced it will be launching a new edition aimed at Canada and The United States on 21st August 2013.

With a HQ in London UK and readers from around the globe, HRreview aims to grow its reach and appeal in North America through establishing a new community media hub for Canada and US-based HR execs and business leaders.

The new North America edition is co-published by the Toronto-based team at Sprigg Talent Management Systems – the SaaS platform backed by Dragons’ Den star Bruce Croxon and led by HRreview columnist and experienced HR professional, Jilaine Parkes.

Bill Banham, Marketing & Business Development Manager at Sprigg and former Editor at HRreview UK, said: “HRreview is an established media resource for HR professionals in the UK and beyond but has historically lacked much content which specifically talks to a Canadian and US audience. Through the launch of HRreview North America we hope to change that. ”

Over 50 Canada and US-based organisations have partnered with new edition so far; bringing fresh insights, comments and breaking news to the HR and related business community.

Bill Banham added: “We have been warmly welcomed by the HR community both here in Toronto and throughout North America. I am delighted to say that we have columnists, bloggers and commercial partners associated with some very well known organisations such as HRPA, HR Bartender, Social HR Camp, BizTV Canada and Drive Thru HR Radio.  In fact, we can actually boast a new reach in Japan as well; through a recent partnership with the fantastic team at HR Agenda and JHRS which will see exchange of editorial and other resources for the wider benefit of a global HR audience.”

Adam Chandler, Publishing Editor at HRreview said:  ”The vision for HRreview is one of a multi-media platform offering content for all business leaders while always maintaining a HR focus. Through our new media and commercial partners we believe that we are well placed to offer a powerful information and media portal for an ever-increasing audience of professionals across the UK, US, Canada, Mexico and the rest of the World”

Paul Gray, Owner and Publisher of HRreview added: “We are all very excited to be growing the brand and bring larger amounts of multimedia content to a wider audience.”

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About HRreview: 

HRreview has a global audience of over 150,000 HR and related business professionals including a burgeoning LinkedIn group. The next Canada & US edition is expected to raise the reach of the publication to over 1,000,000. The online and in-print publication won last year’s Towers Watson award for Online HR Publications of the Year.

About Sprigg Talent Management Systems:

Sprigg Talent Management Systems (Sprigg HR Inc.) is a Toronto & London, Ontario based company which offers HR SaaS products to improve Talent Management processes and drive results. Sprigg’s team consists of experienced HR thought leaders with an ambition to develop HR conversations. The team at Sprigg are working with HRreview to offer new content based around HR technology, strategy and training.