How to manage your talent strategy during and after times of disruption

On the 21/05/2020 join HRreview for our free webinar, ‘How to manage your talent strategy during and after times of disruption’ at 11 am where the challenges of the talent space are facing during the COVID-19 crisis will be discussed.

The webinar is for those who work within the talent space, and how to secure critical talent pipelines during times of this new disruption. It will explore what does this mean for us? And what does the future hold?

The webinar will be hosted by James Marsh, former editor of HRreview and Della Rath, principal consultant, at Aon.

Join our virtual forum and hear from experts as they discuss the trends, disruptors and drivers that are shaping the future of talent assessment.

This free live webinar will discuss:

  • The big talent questions facing organisations right now – and how these are influencing the future of talent assessment.
  • Skills vs Behaviours – what top attributes should you be looking for in your employees in these uncertain times?
  • How agile are your talent assessments? How agile will they remain? (e.g. virtual assessment for times of crisis or forever?)
  • Tangible assessment tools that will help HR leaders prepare for the next few months, years and beyond.


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