On Thursday 24th June at 11am, join HRreview for our live webinar ‘Reinventing HR: Designing the Employee Experience‘. 

Covid-19 has changed the employee experience landscape. Not only has it altered the type and frequency of touch points, but it has also forced businesses to rethink their employee experience strategies.

Employees want tools that simplify their daily administrative tasks and the search for information. They want consistent user experiences across workplace applications.

They want a smooth, frictionless way to interact with their managers and employers. On top of that – they expect a personalised experience that makes them feel valued as an employee.

Join our webinar as we explore what employees really desire within their role and how to truly create a personalised employee experience.

Experts such as Patricia Molenaar (Senior Vice President at SD Worx), Emma Leonis (Executive Director of HR Transformation LACE Partners) and Bob Rehill (Founder of Bob Rehill & Associates) will discuss:

  • Employee experience drivers – what do employees really want?
  •  How to create a personalised experience at every HR touch point
  •  The understated power of employee self-service
  •  The advantages of a digital HR infrastructure supported by payroll

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