On Thursday 20th May at 11am, join HRreview for our live webinar ‘Reinventing HR: The Flexible work revolution‘. 

Embracing flexible contracts and work assignments means that both businesses and employees gain unprecedented agility – but this can also create complexity for payroll and HR teams.

With Covid-19, employers have a new challenge on their plates. Will their current skill needs look different tomorrow? Fluctuations in demands make it difficult to plan ahead and companies are increasingly being forced to rethink their talent management strategies.

Experts from SD Worx and Bob Rehill & Associates will discuss how to embrace this revolution, how to offer unprecedented flexibility and how to ensure this meets the needs of employees and your company alike.

Join Colette Philip, HR Director at SD Worx, and Bob Rehill, Founder of Bob Rehill & Associates, to discover:

• What flexibility looks like to the post-Covid workforce
• One size doesn’t fit all – creating different flexible working policies for different employees
• Brand culture vs flexible working – how to strike the perfect balance
• How to ensure watertight compliance with a flexible workforce

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