On 4/03/21, join HRreview for our live webinar ‘Early Careers in 2021: The Future of Next Gen Talent‘. 

Various experts from different companies will be discussing how organisations can assess, select and retain early career talent, especially during a time where the recruitment process has shifted online.

To discuss this topic, we will be joined by experts including Joanne Zadro and Lauren Hillier from Schroders as well as Della Rath, Principal Consultant at Aon.

Our guests will be discussing:

  • A real-life Case Study: How Schroders tackled diversity with their Early Careers Talent programme
  • Analysing what skills our workforce needs today and in the future
  • Looking into how remote working is impacting Early Careers Recruitment

You can also ask our specialists any questions that you may have and vote in live polls. This webinar is live and interactive which means our audience are encouraged to actively discuss issues surrounding this topic with our expert panel.

Click here to sign up to the free webinar that begins at 11am on the 4th March 2021.