UK revealed as third-best European country for recruitment

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Estonia featured as the number one country for recruitment, says Glassdoor.
Estonia featured as the number one country for recruitment, says Glassdoor.

Jobseekers have a harder time finding jobs in some European countries than others, according to new research from Glassdoor.

The recruitment site ranks the United Kingdom as the third-best European country when it comes to recruitment. Estonia came in at number one, closely followed by Norway.

“European labour markets today are diverse and present a myriad of challenges – as well as opportunities – for jobseekers,” said Andrew Chamberlain, Chief Economist at Glassdoor.

Youth employment

Glassdoor based its rosy opinion of Estonia on three indicators: temporary employment, temporary youth employment and involuntary part-time work.

While the UK has recovered from the recession, Glassdoor’s research reveals how the financial meltdown can still be felt across the continent.

Below average 

Portugal, Greece and Spain featured as the three countries in Europe with the highest unemployment rate.

“On the one hand, countries like the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland enjoy below average unemployment. By contrast, Greece, Spain and Portugal have continued to struggle with double-digit unemployment and slow economic growth – partly due to inflexible labour market regulations that have proven difficult to reform in recent years,” Chamberlain says.

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