In continued partnership with the World Heart Federation, on World Heart Day (29th September) Bupa launched the Ground Miles 8 Week Challenge – an employee health and wellbeing campaign ‘in-a-box’.

The challenge gives employers everything they need to run an 8 Week Challenge, helping their employees to walk their way to a healthy heart. Employees use the Ground Miles walking app, which Bupa developed in 2013 and has been downloaded over 165,000 times, to track their walking, get motivated and be rewarded for their steps taken. BT and the Mexican Heart Federation have already been trailblazers in taking on the challenge.

Data collected during Bupa’s 2013 Ground Miles Challenge showed that people who walked in groups walked four times further, and those who walked for eight weeks or more kept up their walking for the long term.

Organisations taking part can:

  • Design their own in-app welcome message with branding
  • Create their own in-app organisational page
  • Create challenge groups
  • Send tailored push notifications
  • Design their own badges
  • Receive Management Information to show the impact of the challenge on employees

Contained within a Ground Miles microsite, organisations will have access to:

  • Customisable posters
  • Print-friendly flyers
  • Email signatures
  • Copy for internal newsletters or intranet pages
  • Social media badges
  • Challenge Guide

Dr Fiona Adshead, Director of Wellbeing and Public Health, Bupa, said: “Walking is an excellent theme for a health and wellbeing campaign as it’s easy to do and inclusive. People of all fitness levels can take part without training or equipment. It can also improve alertness and energy levels and help people sleep better. For organisations, these benefits mean a healthier, happier and higher performing workforce.”

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