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As self-employment in the UK looks set to hit yet another record high this month, a competition has launched with the aim of seeking out Britain’s brightest independent business minds.

The 15 for 15 competition is looking for enterprising individuals from across the country who have big ideas for 2015. Louis Clark, spokesperson for the competition said: “Every day, right across Britain, enterprising individuals are starting businesses alone, without the help of millionaire backers or Government grants. Not only does 15 for 15 aim to give the best of these great business minds a helping hand, we also want to hold them up as shining examples to anyone else who is considering self-employment.

“This competition isn’t just open to ‘dragon’s den’ style entrepreneurs, we want everyone from web designers and architects through to carpenters and artisan bakers to get involved and tell us why they’re Britain’s best one-person business.”

All fifteen finalists will be guests of honour at a star-studded awards ceremony in the heart of East London’s Tech City on 19th November. According to Louis Clark, the winners will receive much more than just a pat on the back: “Self-employment by its very nature can feel isolated and it is really important to surround yourself with people who can give you advice and guidance when you need it most.

“That is why, along with a £5,000 prize purse for the winner, we are setting all fifteen finalists up with access to business support, financial advice and tech worth thousands of pounds to help them turn their ambitions for 2015 into reality.”

The fundamental shift in the way people work means that self-employment is now the fastest growing sector of the European Labour Market. 15 for 2015 aims to show the world that this growth is fuelled by people of all ages, professions and geographical locations choosing to strike out on their own.

“Twenty years ago self-employment was the sole preserve of men who boasted considerable professional experience and a contacts book to match. This is no longer the case.

“The latest statistics show that two of the biggest growth areas are mothers starting their own businesses from home and young people taking to self-employment straight out of University. It is our goal to have fifteen finalists take to the stage in November who truly represent the wonderful diversity of modern self-employment.”

If you think you are one of Britain’s best self-employed professionals, enter the competition at www.15.org.uk.