Faran Johnson speakerFind out more about Faran – our newly announced speaker for the 2019 Employee Engagement Summit

Faran Johnson is a highly experienced change and transformation professional who has recently been appointed as the Managing Director of Engage for Success, formed to promote employee engagement as a better way to work that benefits individual employees, teams, whole organisations and the country. Her 30 year career spans both the private and the public sectors, operating in senior line, consulting and Board roles across Private Equity, Financial Services, Entertainment, Retail and Media organisations.

She specialises in both large-scale workforce and HR function transformation, from strategy design through to execution; from behavioural, cultural and leadership change to improving organisational performance.

At Employee Engagement 2019, Faran will be presenting a talk on “Creating an effective employee engagement strategy that drives individual, team and organisational performance” covering:

Analysing the tools and techniques successful companies are using to engage employees;

Comparing new ways to drive engagement;

Evaluating current and future trends.

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