CTN, the creative, digital and leadership agency, has announced the launch of a new programme aimed at improving the confidence of women in leadership roles. The core element of the programme is a series of two day coaching sessions, the first of which will run on the 25th & 26th September. Women work together in a group dynamic with leading experts in psychology, personal brand, impact and messaging using CTN’s unique methodology. 

The Women in Leadership Programme (WiLP) has been developed through CTN’s 20 year leadership communications practice which provides advice to CEOs and their senior management teams of some of the world’s most influential brands, governments and organisations.

The two day WiLP is available for up to eight women and takes place in the heart of London in CTN’s Media Centre in St Martin’s Lane WC2. Working with Michelle Ryan, Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology at the University of Exeter, the first day focuses on the behavioural aspects of leadership, exploring attitudes, and how to build confidence to develop an individual leadership style. 

The second day of the two day seminar helps participants to look at a personal leadership strategy in everyday business situations through practical skills training in communications, personal brand and impact coaching. Based in CTN’s broadcast studio participants use the camera as a mirror to develop the key skills of collaboration, communication and authenticity in messaging to build confidence and boost performance. 

Aimed at high performing individuals or identified future talent the bespoke coaching programme helps to support women’s participation in top management.

Anita Hamilton, CTN’s Marketing Director and Lead Consultant on WiLP said: “Leadership for Women, and providing the right environment for women to thrive and succeed is a priority for large corporate businesses and most organisations. This is a complex cultural, social and business issue. Implementing a programme of activities such as training and coaching to support internal policies and initiatives sends a strong message to all stakeholders.”