At HRreview, our mission is to keep you informed Lighthouseabout
all the latest HR developments. We love getting out of the office and talking to active HR practitioners and theorists – transferring knowledge from the leading minds in the industry to you, our readers.

In the past month we’ve heard from top executives at ADP Rethink, reviewed the writings of wellbeing sceptics, profiled some of the most bizarre job titles and interviewed some inspiring HR practitioners.

We love the fact that the insights, concepts and strategies on our pages challenge the structures at the very heart of organisations and create more passionate, productive and tolerant workforces.

That’s why, in order to bring you closer to the HR voices that matter, we created InsideHR – an informative, participative webinar series, brought to you via BrightTalk.

We encourage InsideHR participants to get involved in the discussion by submitting questions before the debate. This way, our experts can tailor their insights to the gathered online audience. We also welcome suggestions for future webinar topics.

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The first webinar will focus on childcare vouchers on March 26.

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