In light of the recent success of our editorial webinar on the gender pay gap on International Women’s Day, we have decided to, once again, take to the airwaves to address another issue, an issue that differs entirely in scope and style.

On the 5th of May at 11am we will be discussing global mobility and the future of international assignments. This discussion will be in support of the HRreview global mobility special edition that will launch at the start of the same week. Our global mobility coverage for 2016 will culminate with Symposium’s International HR and Global Mobility Summit, which will take place on the 16th of June 2016 at the Hilton Hotel in London’s Canary Wharf.

You can sign up to listen to our global mobility webinar here.

As the world economy trembles on the edge of another recession, more and more companies are taking an international view, in order to try and insulate themselves against economic woes in individual countries. More and more businesses in the UK are opening offices in far flung climbs and HR departments are having to prepare employees for a new life abroad.

Mobility is going to be the key to avoiding the effects of another economic collapse, the ability to up-sticks and seek shelter in safer harbors is going to be key as the economic skies start to darken.

So with this in mind how should HR departments approach the task of making businesses more mobile? How should issues regarding ever changing legal and immigration rules be approached?. And how should HR departments deal with the difficult task of assisting employees in the uprooting of families, the finding of schools, jobs for spouses and child-care for pre-school children. We will also consider how HR departments can ease the trauma of moving away from home and the personal distress that this could cause both employees and their families.

Working abroad is not easy and if companies want to take a global view, while retaining strong employees, HR departments are going to have to ensure that their expat policies are flawless.

The webinar is exclusively sponsored by Symposium events.

Look out for the guest list for our webinar that we will release in the coming days, in the mean time you can find out more here.