Talent Management and Leadership

The world of work is changing constantly. Hay Group research has found 6 key megatrends that will be crucial for leaders and businesses of the future.

They will be sharing their findings in a session at the Talent Management and Leadership Development Summit held on October 23rd in London and organised by Symposium Events.

During this session Melody Moore, Hay Group Consultant, will look at how these key megatrends will affect how we work and how technology can enable your leadership development to ‘stick’ long after participants return to their day jobs.

The session will:

  • Give an overview of ‘the state of leadership today’ and trends that will affect leadership now and in the future
  • Give you an understanding of why now is the time to embrace change and how technology can help drive business performance through investment in leadership development and quantifiable behaviour change
  • Explore how gamification can be used in leadership development to help your organisation achieve its strategic goals

The speaker is Melody Moore, who is a Management Consultant at Hay Group.

Melody combines her psychological expertise and management experience to help clients become high performing organisations. She helps them get the best from their staff, resulting in a happier, more motivated and productive workforce.

Melody has worked with a wide variety of clients in the public and private sector, projects include:

  • High potential assessments for a global pharmaceutical company
  • Design of induction and behavioural development workshops for a number of global banks
  • Leadership development programmes for a global telecommunications client
  • Coaching a range of managers in the public and private sector
  • Team development workshops for a range of teams across the public and private sector
  • Executive assessments and development profiling for a range of NHS organisations

Melody specialises in leadership development, coaching, team development and assessment. Working with individuals, groups and teams, Melody uses her coaching and facilitation skills to help organisations and individuals learn how to turn potential into high performance.

Prior to joining Hay Group, Melody was part of the consultancy management team for a UK firm of occupational psychologists. Before that she spent a number of years working in management roles in the NHS in South Wales and North West London.

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