People often associate stress with workload, but issues that arise outside work are often the biggest triggers and contributors to mental ill-health – troubled relationships, financial worries or family problems. We spend so much of our time working that it’s almost inevitable we cannot leave our problems at the office door.

But is it fair for employers to ask questions about individuals’ personal circumstances? And is it appropriate or practical to offer support?

Leading employers will be joining us to share their experience and explore these issues, debate best practice and provide practical guidance.

They will be looking in-depth into the different types of stress and how they manifest at work, as well as looking at the implications of stress at work and why work-life balance is an increasingly anachronistic idea.

Finally, they will then look into ways of dealing with stress and discussing how listeners can equip their employees or themselves to deal with stress at work.

Neyber will also be discussing their new research report, ‘STATE OF THE NATION – The DNA of Financial Wellbeing’, looking into its key findings and the challenges recent economic growth has brought about.

They will discuss how awareness of employee wellbeing has evolved and increased over time, and how financial worries are still employee’s biggest concern with many employers starting to think about their employee finances more broadly.

The webinar will be posted by our webinar chair and HR expert James Marsh and our expert guest speakers will include Heidi Allan from Neyber, Marcus Underhill from Staffcare and Charles Cotton from CIPD.

The webinar will be hosted at TODAY at 11am. You can sign up to listen for free here where you will also be able to take part in live polls and hear discussions on the results and send in live questions for the panel.





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