What will happen to employment law under the Conservatives?This week saw David Cameron withdraw his former pledge for a referendum over the Lisbon Treaty, but the Conservative Party leader has promised that he will look to ensure power of employment law prioritises UK legislation over European law.

Should his party prove successful at the next general election, Mr Cameron pledged that he would negotiate for powers of employment law, social legislation, criminal justice and the Charter of Fundamental Rights to be transferred from the EU to Britain.

However, despite his party’s traditional policy being opposed to EU membership, Mr Cameron stated that the Conservatives would not be quick to rush into a "massive Euro-bust-up", the Telegraph reports.

And he added that he would re-examine the UK’s relationship with the EU if it appeared to be moving in the wrong direction.

"If that were to happen, then of course we can return to this subject in a manifesto for the parliament after the next one," Mr Cameron stated.

At the recent Conservative Party Conference, shadow business secretary Ken Clarke pledged to introduce a one in and one out policy for employment law.