Young people can become stressedStress and depression are two of the emotions which can arise when young people spend prolonged periods of time out of work, one sector commentator has asserted.

Lucie Russell, director of campaigns at YoungMinds, said it was important to ensure such Britons have the skills necessary to cope with the prospect of not finding work in the near future in order to prevent them from sitting at home “anxious and depressed”.

“Lack of work not only means financial hardship, but the absence of structure and opportunities to socialise with work colleagues can create high levels of emotional distress,” she added.

Ms Russell’s comments come as the government has announced new measures to tackle what it calls the “social wave” of the recession.

Over 100,000 new opportunities for young people will mean that everyone under 25 will be guaranteed a job, training or work experience after six months unemployment, work and pensions secretary Yvette Cooper announced this week.