The TUC has published the first in a series of newsletters in a bid to raise awareness of basic employment rights. It says the newsletter is aimed at vulnerable workers and union reps.

The TUC says that vulnerable workers – including temporary, low-paid and part-time workers – can suffer because they do not know their rights at work, and it can be difficult to move from insecure work into better paid permanent jobs. It argues that they can struggle to get their rights enforced and often ‘fall through gaps in employment law’, meaning that they do not enjoy decent minimum standards at work.

TUC Deputy General Secretary, Frances O’Grady, said:
“Vulnerable workers often find themselves working excessively long hours, sometimes with no contract of employment. Their work can be insecure and they are regularly paid below the minimum wage.

“Unions have a successful track record in stopping rogue employers from exploiting vulnerable workers. This newsletter gives union reps some practical tips to deliver support for vulnerable workers and help them secure a fair deal at work.”