TUC claims complex right to strike laws need reviewThe introduction of anti-union laws in the 1980s has undermined people’s right to strike, according to the Trades Union Congress.

A spokesperson for the body said that recent judgments have shown that complex laws have no benefit for employers and employees alike and called for a review to help clarify regulation on calling strikes.

In a speech on Monday (May 31st) at Unite’s policy conference in Manchester, Tony Woodley suggested that it is a scandal that, after 13 years of Labour in government, the right to strike "is hanging by a thread".

He pointed out that it is not just British Airways that has recently tried to use the legal system to overturn the results of ballots, but also companies like Tesco and Metrobus seeking a ruling.

Mr Woodley called upon Labour’s candidates for the leadership of the party, which includes Ed Miliband, David Miliband and Ed Balls, to "create a level playing field at work" and scrap the anti-union laws.

By Hayley Edwards