A discrimination act has been redefinedThe terms of the Disability Discrimination Act have been redefined following a decade long, "landmark" employment case.

Elizabeth Boyle, 58, from Northern Ireland, who suffers from vocal chord problems, began legal proceedings against SCA Packaging after they suggested making changes to her working environment, the Associated Press reports.

Ms Boyle felt that plans to remove a partition wall that separated her office from the rest of the workforce would put an increase strain on her voice, revealing that her condition had once left her unable to speak.

Nine months after she took action, where she was supported by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, she was made redundant, leading her to bring a further case of discrimination against her former employer.

SCA Packaging has settled the case without an admission of liability and paid Ms Boyle £125,000.

Following the case, the House of Lords has redefined the Disability Discrimination Act, meaning disabled people now have enhanced legal protection.

Elsewhere, the Chartered Management Institute has called on whichever party is successful at the General Election to focus less on regulations in the workplace.

Posted by Colette Paxton