A victim of racist bullying has received compensationA soldier who was the victim of racial discrimination and bullying at the hands of colleagues has been awarded compensation following an employment tribunal.

Kerry Hylton, an army chef from Jamaica, has received £22,000 compensation after it was revealed he was verbally abused by a Lance Corporal colleague while serving with the Welsh Guard near Buckingham Palace.

A settlement on the case was reached by the Ministry of Defense.

Mr Hylton left his job at the Royal Logistics Corps in March 2008 after claiming officers had superglued him and his wife and children in their married army living quarters.

According to the papers submitted to the employment tribunal, he was also verbally racially abused regularly and was also punched on one occasion.

Mr Hylton said: “It made me feel really bad being spoken to like that. I had never been spoken to like that before I joined the British Army,” the Telegraph reports.

It was recently reported employment tribunals are set to be able to award less to individuals who win unfair dismissal cases against their former employees.