Older people will be able to stay in their jobs longer, it has been claimedRetirement planning is about to get easier for employers with the news that the default age at which workers are required to leave their positions is getting scrapped, one expert has suggested.

Baroness Margaret Prosser, deputy chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said it will reduce the bureaucracy surrounding the issue.

Today (July 29th), the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills announced a consultation that could see legislation forcing people to give up their jobs at age 65 abolished by next year.

According to Baroness Prosser, the move will offer older Brits more opportunities to continue in their career, provided they are willing.

She said: "Employers will now only need to assess the fitness and capability of their workforce, something responsible businesses will already be doing, giving everyone a level playing field."

Bosses were also advised talent management may become easier, with enterprises able to recruit and retain the experience and skills of older workers.

Posted by Ross George