Employees have been advised that they could face disciplinary action if they call in sick the morning after their Christmas party.

According to employment relations service Acas, it is not acceptable for members of staff to avoid coming into work because they have overdone it the night before.

The organisation warned that employers will go through the same processes to discipline those who are “pulling a sickie” at Christmas as they would at any other time of the year.

Acas said that if people want the day after their Christmas party off work, they should book it off in advance as part of their annual leave.

“Our advice tends to be that the employer has a quiet word with their staff before the Christmas party to let them know what is expected of them [the next day],” a spokesman commented.

This comes after a survey by Travelodge showed that during the festive season, the British economy will lose £620 million because of Christmas party “sickie” hangovers.

The survey also showed that the stresses workers have experienced throughout the year will result in 26 per cent getting more drunk than they have been at previous Christmas celebrations.

Posted by Cameron Thomson