PM’s ideas for cutting red tape ignored by EU

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Prime Minister David Cameron has formally raised objections in Brussels that his ideas for cutting red tape were not reflected in draft summit conclusions, reports the BBC.

He had presented a letter from 12 governments calling for more deregulation to boost economic growth

Separately all EU states, apart from the UK and the Czech Republic, have signed a new fiscal treaty aimed at enforcing budget discipline in the eurozone.

BBC political correspondent Iain Watson said Mr Cameron’s complaint at a leaders’ dinner to open the summit was “five minutes of frustration”.

Government sources said Mr Cameron wanted to fire a shot across the bows of Brussels bureaucrats.

During a speech in January at the World Economic Forum in Davos Cameron said the Coalition Government was pursuing an unashamedly, pro-business agenda, which involved scrapping needless red tape, simplifying planning and reviewing all regulation.

He said there was a need for bold action at a European level, with Europe’s lack of competitiveness remaining its Achilles Heel.

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