Figures released by the Office of National Statistics have shown that the proportion of workers who are not being paid the living wage is increasing. Six million workers in Britain are currently being paid under the hourly rate, which is calculated to cover the basic cost of living.

Over half of the jobs paying less than the required for the cost of living were part time jobs. Employees not being the paid the living wage rose from 21% in April 2012 to 23% in April 2014.

The real number of people being paid less than the cost of living is likely to be larger at the statistics did not take into account under 18s and workers on the youth, training, and apprenticeship rates of the minimum wage.

The living wage is currently £7.85 in the UK at large and £9.15 in London, where living costs are higher. The wage will rise significantly over the next years due to changes currently being implemented by the government.


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