Managers need 'less red tape'Whichever party proves successful at the May 6th General Election, it should focus less on regulations in the workplace, it has been claimed.

Rather, Mike Petrook, spokesperson for the Chartered Management Institute, has urged the new parliament to place more effort on developing the skills of the UK workforce.

“The problem with the current regulation is that it is harmful to UK businesses, as it can restrict creative activity just at the time when innovation is necessary. Of course, right now creativity is needed to help rebuild and redevelop businesses,” he explained.

Mr Petrook called for higher-end skills in particular to be focused on, in order to equip business leaders with the skills they need to manage, rather than implementing more laws which “nannied” employers into better management.

His comments come after the Institute of Directors conducted research which revealed that rather than building on their business and creating more jobs, directors are spending over a month each year handling government red tape.

Posted by Cameron Thomson