More City women are seeking employment tribunals“More and more” UK women working in the City are taking their employers to employment tribunals over what they feel amounts to gender discrimination in the workplace, it has been reported.

According to the Telegraph, while Jessica Thompson, 36, decided against taking legal action against her employer, she did resign after becoming fed up of the constant offensive jokes her male colleagues made.

Other issues she cited for prompting her to leave her job included a trend for taking clients to lap-dancing clubs, pornographic footage on mobiles being passed around and a lower salary than her male colleagues.

Ms Thompson also told the newspaper it was the “new, derogatory nickname” which was given to her which was “the last straw”.

Commenting on the insult – Anne Boleyn – she added: ”It’s their favourite name for lots of women in the City. It means: ‘Great body, shame about the head’. Neat mixture of sexism and insult, don’t you think?”

She went on to add that it was not only female City workers who were becoming upset with the macho environment of the workplace, but also some of her male colleagues.

It was recently reported that Moira Cameron, who was the first Yeoman Warder at the Tower of London, had claimed to be the victim of bullying, which led to two male Beefeaters being suspended from their positions.