Skilled migrant workers 'will need ID cards'Skilled migrant workers will now have to apply for an ID card when they extend their Visas, it has been reported.

The government scheme has been extended, meaning Tier 2 foreign nationals will need such a card if they wish to stay longer in the UK.

This bracket includes religious ministers, skilled workers, overseas business representatives, dependents and sports professionals, meaning footballers from abroad will now have to carry an ID card with them.

According to the Telegraph, this means Carlos Tevez from Argentina, Didier Drogba from Ivory Coast and Brazilian Robinho – all Premier League footballers – will have to apply for the card.

Phil Woolas, immigration minister, said: “Identity cards are a secure and simple way for foreign nationals to prove they are entitled to live, work or study in the UK.”

The ID card scheme has been controversial and the Conservatives have claimed they will abolish it should they win at the General Election later this year.

Meanwhile, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills recently announced the launch of HM Revenue and Customs’ new Dynamic Response Team in an effort to reduce issues such as migrant workers being paid beneath the minimum wage threshold by employers.


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