Two female sales executives, Anna Mazover and Diana Nicholl-Pierson have taken their employer, Entico Corporation Ltd, to court after claiming their boss sacked them after they rejected his sexual advances.

The pair are seeking £100,000 in compensation for sexual harassment after alleging that the firm’s sales director, Darren Scott, promised them promotion if they slept with him as a threesome. Their allegations have been published in the Daily Mail in lurid detail.

The graduates claim that Mr. Scott subjected them to suggestive remarks and constantly leered at them. Miss Mazover claims that on her first day he told her she had a ‘great body’ and asked if she had ‘ever considered working in a strip club’. The next evening at an office leaving party, he allegedly asked them both to have sex with him together.

Mr. Scott is also claimed to have bragged about using cocaine, hiring prostitutes and visiting lap dancing clubs.

Miss Nicholl-Pierson apparently reported him to the police for sexual assault after she claimed he touched her bottom and thighs.

Miss Mazover is also claiming racial discrimination after saying he mocked her accent and made derogatory remarks about Russian women.

David Scott, however, denies the allegations and has recently been promoted within the firm. He claims he sacked Miss Nicholl-Pierson for poor performance and Miss Mazover for being regularly late. He went on to say that the police investigated the matter and found no case to answer and he told the Daily Mail that the litigation was purely for financial gain.