Employment law tribunals 'due to lateness'An increase in the number of tribunals going to hearing is being put down to bosses readily sacking employees over tardiness, new research has suggested.

According to the study by careerbuilder.co.uk, one in six employers are prepared to dismiss a member of staff for being late on as little as two or three occasions.

But, managers need to follow employment law and give fair warning to a worker, allowing them to rectify any situation, one expert has indicated.

Neeta Laing, head of employment at legal firm Lewis Hymanson Small, said bosses need to stick by the rules and avoid tribunals.

She added: "Employment legislation is a minefield with many employers still unsure how to dismiss an employee properly. Employees should be given a verbal or written warning in the first instance."

Last week, the Tribunals Service revealed that the number of disputes that went to hearing rose by 56 per cent in the past year.

By Hayley Edwards