Clarity is needed on paternity rulesUnveiling its manifesto ahead of the General Election on May 6th, the Labour party has pledged to double the maximum period of paternity leave available to fathers of newborn children.

Under the plans, dads would be able to increase their leave from two weeks with statutory pay following the birth of their child to four weeks fully paid.

The party also pledged to work with employers to see that this can be taken flexibly – such as taking two weeks around the birth and the remaining two taken flexibly over the first year of the baby’s life.

In addition, parents will have the option of sharing the additional two weeks between each other.

Commenting on the news, Katja Hall, director of employment policy for the Confederation of British Industry, said it was right that legislation was changing to reflect the evolution of traditional caring roles.

However, she added: “Businesses do their best to support flexible working styles and will adapt to new challenges as long as the plans reflect employers’ need for clarity and certainty.”

Posted by Cameron Thomson