Businesses may pay for not heeding employment lawUK businesses have been advised that not taking care to follow employment law could leave them forced to pay out as much as £70,000 at an employment tribunal.

Speaking at the Elite Travel Group conference in Bournemouth, Broomhall and Co senior partner Steve Broomhall said this is the amount that employers can expect to pay out if they lose when taken to an employment tribunal by a former employee.

According to Travel Weekly, Mr Broomhall highlighted the importance of managers and HR staff ensuring that they take steps to avoid potential court action being taken, particularly as settlement costs are on the rise.

"When we’re doing business for clients, one of the biggest areas for us is employment issues as it is these that can catch you out. It is not difficult to get your procedures right; it is mundane, it is boring, but it is easy," he explained.

Mr Broomhall advised that the workforce be given contracts which detail all of the terms and conditions of their employment clearly and that redundancies should also be made fairly.

A landmark employment tribunal recently ruled in favour of a worker who claimed he was made redundant as a result of his green beliefs.