Society would benefit from a reduction in the gender pay gap, it has been claimedEmployers and authorities should do more to reduce wage inequality between women and men to speed up the “unacceptable” current rate of progress, according to the Women’s Resource Centre (WRC).

Last week, the issue returned to the headlines after research carried out by the Chartered Management Institute and XpertHR revealed male managers are paid on average £10,071 per annum more than their female counterparts.

The survey also found that unless more is done to tackle the problem, it could take as long as 57 years for women to match their male colleagues’ take-home salaries.

“Women and girls today should not have to face an uphill slog just to earn the same amount of pay as their male colleagues,” a spokesperson for the WRC said. “We need a concerted effort to ensure that the genders are on an equal footing.”

She added that wider society is likely to benefit from efforts to reduce the gender pay gap.

Employers looking to reduce inequality may wish to attend the Workplace Equality & Diversity Forum in London in November.

Posted by Cameron Thomson