women targetedWomen working in the architecture sector in the UK have experienced discrimination because of their gender, according to a new survey.

Research conducted by the Architects Journal found 89 per cent of women say having children has been detrimental to career progression.

Almost a quarter (24 per cent) of respondents to the poll said they earn less money than men who do the same job in their company, while 44 per cent did not know how salaries compare.

Most of the women who took part in the research have been a victim of sexual discrimination in the workplace, with 85 per cent of those from North America claiming they have.

Some 67 per cent of respondents from the north of England have experienced sexual discrimination in the architecture sector, compared with 63 per cent of women in London, 54 per cent of females working in Scotland and 67 per cent across Europe.

It was also found that almost a third (30 per cent) of female architecture students have been bullied because of their gender and overall, two-thirds of respondents have suffered sexual discrimination in their career in the sector.

Writing for the publication, Hannah Lawson told of her first-hand experience of sexual discrimination in the workplace, despite being named Emerging Woman Architect of the Year.

“I do recall many presentations or meetings where every question was directed to my male colleagues, despite my being the most senior member of the team,” she said, adding she has also been referred to as “some skirt” in internal memos.

Lawson also noted she has been the subject of the question “is she tough enough?” when she has been named the project manager on several occasions.

She stated the aim for the industry has to be for 50 per cent of the people working in the sector to be female if discrimination against women is to be stamped out.