Women---man-feetAn Employment Tribunal has awarded a lesbian couple aggravated damages in a case of sexual orientation discrimination brought against Future Arts Limited, a not for profit social enterprise organisation.

It was revealed last week that Leeds Employment Tribunal awarded former Chief Executive, Paula Temple and her partner, Stefanie Boulila, £58,714 and £22,840 respectively, following “cruel, oppressive and malicious” conduct by several board members of the organisation.

Commenting on the case, Sarah Edwards, of Minster Law Solicitors, said:

“Awards for aggravated damages are not common but the Tribunal found that if ever a case warranted an award of aggravated damages then this was it.

“Despite only 610 claims for sexual orientation discrimination being made in the Tribunal last year, of which only 20 were successful at a hearing, this claim demonstrates that discrimination because of sexual orientation does still happen in the workplace.”

She added:

“The outcome should give confidence to employees that their claims will be taken seriously.”