The Jobcentre accused one employer of discriminationThe boss of a recruitment agency has revealed she was told she could not place a job advert requesting reliable workers as it could be seen as discrimination against unreliable people, it has been reported.

According to the Telegraph, Nicole Mamo called the Thetford, Norfolk branch of the Jobcentre Plus after requesting to post online the advert for the £5.80-an-hour domestic cleaning position.

However, when she arrived she was told the advert, which included the request ”must be very reliable and hard-working” would not be posted.

Ms Mamo claims a worker at the centre told her the advert could put them at risk of legal action if people construed it to be discriminatory against unreliable workers.

“I laughed because I thought that was crazy. We supply the NHS with staff so it’s very important for the patients that we have reliable workers,” she said.

Ms Mamo added her firm helped find jobs for hundreds of people every week so not displaying the advertisement was “ridiculous”.

A spokesperson for the Jobcentre Plus refused to comment.

It was announced this week that the economy is now out of recession, which could see unemployment rates falling.