Recent comments made by Lord Sugar calling for the removal of legislation which restricts employers asking women about having children, or how they will fit their career around current children, are both unwelcome and counterproductive. That’s according to Maggie Berry, MD of Women in Technology.

With the changes to maternity and paternity leave coming into force in England next month allowing both parents to share time off to look after a child, the changing of legislation requested by Lord Sugar will be irrelevant argues Maggie Berry.
“I have no doubt that the archaic views made by Lord Sugar will never be implemented” commented Maggie Berry. “However, his remarks only serve to dredge up the age old discriminatory views held by some about women in the workplace and the affect children have on their career.”

“Great female talent can be difficult to find, particular in the industry we operate in. It is important that these views are stamped out, and employers begin to think about how they can better accommodate women with families. After all, when the changes to maternity and paternity leave are instigated, both parents will be able to take time off for their children. We hope, as employment laws evolve so too do society’s views towards women in the workplace.”