A police psychic has lost his employment tribunalA psychic who was fired from his position as a police trainer was not the victim on discrimination of the grounds of his religious beliefs, it has been revealed.

In an employment tribunal bought against Greater Manchester Police (GMP), Alan Powers claimed that he lost his job due to his beliefs that psychics could solve crimes, although the court did find in favour that his beliefs should be seen as a faith.

The 62-year-old was fired in October 2008 after a training exercise – in which he played a shop lifter – resulted in him becoming visibly aroused while being frisked.

Commenting on the outcome of the employment tribunal, GMP "vehemently" denied any discrimination on the grounds of religious beliefs.

"GMP welcomes all races and religions and employs and actively recruits people with diverse beliefs and from many different ethnic backgrounds," it added.

Meanwhile, Colin Woods, who worked for Liverpool-based Home Delivery Network, recently lost his case at an employment tribunal where he claimed he was the victim of unfair dismissal.

The BBC reported that his employers fired him after it was discovered that he had urinated in public.