A new web-based toolkit is now available, giving HR professionals in the NHS a quick, but detailed overview of their organisations so they can assess if they are meeting their requirements under the Equality Act.

The toolkit is designed to support employers by providing key information by pay bands which allows organisations to analyse their workforces in a number of different ways. It includes detailed guides on procedure, best practice examples and links to breakdowns of workforces within NHS organisations by age, disability, ethnicity, religion or belief, and sex or sexual orientation within pay bands.

It has been produced by the NHS Staff Council, where the NHS Employers organisation brings together representatives of NHS organisations and the health trade unions to oversee and agree any alterations to Agenda for Change, the national pay system covering the majority of clinical and non clinical staff in the NHS.

Identifying and addressing any discrimination or bias which may occur in pay and terms and conditions is a legal obligation laid down by the public sector Equality Duty. This requirement is already met by Agenda for Change, but these new tools will help managers continue to ensure that equality is supported robustly and efficiently.

The toolkit was developed over a six month period by the NHS Staff Council with the support of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the NHS Information Centre.