More mothers seem to be working in full-time in civil service jobs than 15 years ago after new research found that more are heading back to the workplace.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that 29 per cent of mothers were in full-time jobs during the final quarter of last year, compared to 23 per cent in 1996.

Additionally, 37 per cent of mothers are in part-time work – a slight decrease on the 38 per cent that were working reduced hours 15 years ago.

ONS statistician, Jamie Jenkins, said that the number of mums in full-time jobs has risen greatly.

“Over 15 years the proportion of mothers working part-time hasn’t changed much but the number of full-timers has risen markedly, which is what’s driving the increase in working mothers,” he said.

“Mothers are more likely to be employed if they live with a partner and can share childcare responsibilities. The effect is strongest when children are very young.”

Earlier this month, Maggie Berry of Women In Technology said that the majority of IT jobs are taken by men because of the most unequal parental leave system in Europe.