The best workforces in the UK will demonstrate both young, inexperienced employees and older individuals with expertise, according to a leading organisation driving towards equality

According to Inclusive Employers, companies benefit greatly from having a good mixture of older and more youthful workers.

Director Rachel Krys suggested that the presence of more experienced employees can help the motivation of their younger colleagues, while adding a calm head in potentially difficult situations.

Ms Krys also noted that a firm needs to have “people with new thoughts”, who are not necessarily scared of failure.

“A mix is what you need,” she remarked.

“Older workers can have a real settling, calming effect on the whole workforce, but you also need the people with the fresh ideas.”

This advice comes after the government’s Budget outlined methods of reducing unemployment figures among younger generations.

To do this, it pledged to fund an extra 80,000 work experience places and also set aside £7.6 billion for the training of 16 to 19-year-olds.