The UK work force could be polarisedIt could be said the risk of discrimination occurring within the UK’s work force may be increasing, after one commentator asserted a polarisation is occurring among employees.

According to Friends Provident, there are now two distinct groups within the country’s work force – the elite and the excluded – and by 2020 this trend may have become the norm.

It is believed such a movement will have significant implications for both employers and workers.

While the elite are likely to command more power than seen in previous years – leading managers to re-think how they attract and retain such skilled workers – around one million excluded Britons will face limited expectations, the group has claimed.

Commenting on the report, Gillian Fox, HR director at Friends Provident, said: “Businesses will undoubtedly face a shortage of elite workers in 2020, but there is an opportunity for excluded workers to bridge the divide by acting now and improving their skills through training.”

However, she added all will not be lost for the excluded as the report looks to raise awareness of the opportunities available to Britons to further their skills.