Employers hesitant to hire older workers, says expertAn expert has claimed that many British companies are reluctant to employ workers aged over 50 because they believe such individuals are likely to retire sooner, despite ongoing social demographic changes.

Employers Forum on Age campaign director Rachel Krys suggested that employers often overlook the experience older staff can bring and prefer to opt for "young blood", even though employees in their 20s tend to move on within a few years.

"There is a real mindset that employers struggle with," she explained. "Sometimes you just need to bring in a bit of different thinking and that's usually by having a diversity of people, including a diversity of ages."

Ms Krys added that firms' worries that older staff are looking to retire are often misguided, with 50-plus workers sometimes unable to quit work due to the financial implications of increased life expectancy.

Her comments came after a report from the Age and Employment Network revealed that 165,000 over-50s remained unemployed in July and August, the highest level of any age group.

Posted by Cameron Thomson