New research has revealed that many employees feel as though they are being bullied at work.

Conducted by Reabur, the survey found that 21 per cent of workers think their boss picks on them in the office.

Similarly, 28 per cent feel as though they are victimised by a fellow employee, with women more likely to experience problems with a co-worker than men.

Georgina Read, co-managing director of the firm that carried out the investigation, said it is shocking to learn that people are often considered to be overreacting if they make a complaint about bullying.

"All allegations should be taken seriously and investigated, as getting to the root of the problem will create a better workforce and office environment," she explained.

Earlier this month, Mike Petrook, a spokesperson for the Chartered Management Institute, encouraged companies to take advantage of their employees’ transferable skills by engaging them in a range of tasks.

Posted by Cameron Thomson