LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day Launch

Sir Richard Branson has joined forces with LinkedIn, to call on UK businesses to take part in this year’s Bring In Your Parents Day initiative. The day, which will take place on November 6th this year, aims to encourage greater skill sharing in the workplace and to inspire older workers to look again at their career opportunities.

Last year’s initiative saw over 15,000 professionals take part, and LinkedIn is hoping even more UK businesses will take up the challenge this year, particularly after research revealed that one in three parents don’t know what their children do for a living.

LinkedIn spokesperson Darain Faraz said: “Bring In Your Parents Day brings different generations of professionals together to encourage parents and their offspring to share their career advice, skills and experience more widely, and to inspire older workers to look again at their career options.

“While the UK employment rate for the over 50s is growing, it still lags behind many other countries. We want to get UK businesses behind this initiative to re-engage older workers and find ways to help them participate in the labour market for longer,” he added.

Speaking about the campaign launch, Holly Branson urged businesses to get involved, saying: “One of the most important things Dad ever taught me was to always treat everyone the same – whether the CEO of a company, the cleaner, or receptionist… everyone has an important role to play. LinkedIn’s Bring In Your Parents Day is a reminder that every generation has something different and valuable to share, and that your parents are just as wonderful and knowledgeable as they were when you were growing up. Will you join me in bringing your parent to work?”

Parents, employees and businesses, are encouraged to sign-up at and join in the conversations on Twitter with #LinkedIn #BIYP.