Women may be losing out in job interviewsUK employers’ concerns over women taking maternity leave may be leading to many females missing out on the top positions available at a company, it has been suggested.

Recent research from TheLadders.co.uk has found that 59 per cent of bosses are in agreement that women perform the best in job interviews in 11 out of 18 of the criteria they look for.

Among the points which make female candidates stand out favourably are better presentation, communication, motivation skills, a firm understanding of companies and cultures, thoroughness, affability and an ability to balance multiple tasks.

However, despite this, 42.7 per cent of senior management admitted that women would miss out on the top jobs over concerns that they would leave to start or add to their family.

Meanwhile, 51 per cent claimed that society expected men to take on leadership roles, while 54 per cent said there simply are not as many female candidates as male ones.

Derek Pilcher, managing director of the site, said: “What is concerning is the unspoken reasons for not employing women and in particular the fear of losing female management after they have had children.”

Elsewhere, the Times recently reported that a survey of Oxford undergraduates revealed that many female students feared they would face discrimination if they took on financial services roles in the City.

Posted by Colette Paxton