On this week’s episode, we are joined once again by Kate Palmer, HR Advice and Consultancy Director at Peninsula, where we discussed the menopause and legalities surrounding this issue.
Supporting articles:
https://www.hrreview.co.uk/hr-news/menopausal-symptoms-can-amount-to-disability-employment-tribunal-rules/138547– A recent ruling by an Employment Appeal Tribunal stated that severe menopausal symptoms can amount to a disability under the Equality Act. 
https://www.hrreview.co.uk/hr-news/changing-laws-to-protect-women-going-through-menopause-not-ruled-out/137250 – The Chair of the Women and Equalities Committee earlier this year discussed making the menopause a protected characteristic. 
Recommended articles: 
https://www.hrreview.co.uk/hr-news/menopause-is-at-the-centre-of-a-growing-number-of-employment-tribunal-cases/137049– Research from Menopause Experts finds that the number of employees taking their employers to court over claims linked to the menopause is growing.



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