The debate over Britain's potential exit from the European Union has well and truly started

The debate over Britain’s potential exit from the European Union has started with a bang

The battle has well and truly started and it is already bloodthirsty. With David Cameron’s announcement on Saturday that the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union will take place on the 23rd of June and Boris Johnson’s announcement on Sunday that he will be advocate leaving, the debate has quickly taken shape.

But we don’t want to wait until June to find out what the feeling is on the matter. We want to know which way this is going right now. So what do you think? Has the European Union outgrown its remit? Is the EU eroding our democracy? Should we protect out sovereignty? Should we stand up for our independence in the face of a growing European superstate? Or is the European Union crucial to our economy, our way of life and our culture? Our question is exactly the same as you will encounter in the voting both in June, so please, let us now where you stand right now on this terribly important issue.

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The use of analytics in HR is revolutionising the arena. The gathering of data and the use of this data to improve the employee experience is a well crafted and timely attempt by the industry to reduce the short-termism that is one of the hallmarks of newer generations. People aren’t staying in jobs for long and the cost of wasted training time is costing businesses dear. Analytics and their power to reduce this is giving HR a stronger voice, it is allowing HR chiefs a place at boardroom tables, as CEO’s realise the importance of nurturing talent once it has been brought into the fold.

But at the same time some believe that analytics are increasing the distance between employees and their employers. Some believe that the rise of analytics is reducing people to a number on a graph, or a picture on a profile page. Some people believe that analytics are taking the human element out of HR. But what do you think?

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